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Important Information

On June 9, 2008 Citrus County received a deliverable from Bruce Harris & Associates (BHA) that completed the first stage of a Base Map for Citrus County. The map consists of 192,000 lots in over 5000 recorded and unrecorded subdivisions, more than 200,000 address points and 22,000 road segments, which represent a portion of the work submitted by BHA.

Since the initial delivery in June, 2007, County Staff has been engaged in a process of assuring the correctness (QA/QC) of the product delivered by BHA and its integration with the County’s Enterprise Information System. QA/QC is on going, and completion of this phase is expected in January, 2009.

The Base Map is a living document, which requires continual maintenance and update. County staff is dedicated to the process of accurately depicting the map features and their associated data. The County appreciates your feedback when inaccuracies are found.

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