The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is responsible for managing the Centralized Addressing System, water / wastewater / storm utilities, roadways, lots / parcels, land use, current zoning, flood zone data, and many more features. The GIS Division supports 28 departments and divisions internally and also maintains a strong intergovernmental coordination effort with numerous local, state and federal agencies to provide enterprise GIS support such as the Sheriff's Office and 911 dispatch, Emergency Management and the School Board.

Address Lookup

Perform an address lookup and find all of the information we know about a property, including, setbacks, utilities, distance to the nearest hydrant, emergency management and evacuation, topographical, census, land use and zoning, building permit history, use application history and links to the Property Appraiser and the Tax Collector.

Address Lookup

Census Designated Places - 2010 Data

A census designated place (CDP) is a concentration of population identified by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes. CDPs are delineated for each decennial census as the statistical counterparts of incorporated places, such as cities, towns, and villages.

Click the button below to view the 2010 Census Deignated Places data:

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Geographic Information Systems

Welcome to the Citrus County Geographic Information Systems website. We create and maintain spatial information to aid in the creation of maps and data analysis to support county departments, divisions, and their customers.

A large amount of data is being transmitted during the use of this site. Loading time will vary depending on your connection speed.

What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.

A GIS helps you answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.

GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework.

GIS Map Widget for Developers and Web Designers

Easily add a powerful GIS map to your own website! The map widget works with most browsers for desktop, tablets and mobile devices and allows you to tie your own data to the GIS maps.



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